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Photo Gallery

2014 6th MLGJ 2014 6th MLGJ Our new coverall 193405267 The Amundruds Just chillin' 193405258 The Trudel Family 193405259 The Trudel Family 193405260 Potter's Clay Quartet 193405261 Keepers of the Faith & Potter's Clay Quartet Joining together for a song 193405268 Canada's Double Portion 193405262 Canada's Double Portion 193405263 Visiting Master of Ceremonies 193405264 Blue Collar Harmony Boys 193405269 Blue Collar Harmony Boys 193405270 Blue Collar Harmony Boys 193405271 Eliana 193405272 Touch of Grace 193405274 Blue Collar Harmony Boys Holding the next generation of Blue Collar Harmony Boys 193405273 Colin Trudel & Art Block Trying to capture the one attention of the youngest members of the audience. 193405265 Colin & Art 193405266